Videnskabshistorisk Selskab

Leo Corry,
The Cohn Institute for History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel Aviv University:

Einstein, Hilbert and the Tortuous Way to General Relativity

On November 25, 1915, Albert Einstein presented to the Berlin Academy of Sciences the explicit, complete and correct, generally-covariant field equations of gravitation, lying at the heart of his General Theory of Relativity. Five days earlier, on November 20, David Hilbert presented in Göttingen his own version of the equations that, in the published version that appeared in print several months later, contained the correct and explicit equations of the theory. According to a view that was commonly accepted for many years, Hilbert had anticipated Einstein in five days in correctly formulating this important part of the latter's work. Recent research, however, has shown that this was not really the case, and the actual historical situation was much more complex. This talk addresses several historical questions related with this important scientific milestone, and presents some of the answers that recent research has brought to light.

tirsdag, den 8. september 2009, kl. 17.00

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