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Prof. Dr. Karin Reich
Prof. Dr. Karin Reich,
Department of Mathematics, Universität Hamburg:

Hans Christian Ørsted and Geomagnetism: the Historical Context
In Denmark geomagnetism had a long tradition which went far back to the 18th century (Kratzenstein, Bugge, Hansteen). Gauss and Ørsted were in contact since 1820. They met each other for the first time in 1827 in Altona.  Shortly afterwards  in 1828  Ørsted, Gauss and Weber were together  in Berlin, visiting the conference of the German Society of Scientists and Physicians. It was only in 1831 that geomagnetism became Gauss’ and Weber’s main field of investigation. Ørsted visited Göttingen in July 1834. Ørsted was one of the main and most important contributors to the Magnetical Association in Göttingen, there are still many documents concerning the observations in Copenhagen. As far as the construction and the instruments for the Magnetical Observatories of Copenhagen were concerned, Wilhelm Weber gave the advices. Weber and Ørsted exchanged many details about the contemporary development in physics: barometers, the incompressibility of water, the elasticity of silk threads, the theory of electricity and so on. In 1842 Weber became .member of the Danish Academy of Sciences, in 1842/3 the order Pour le mérite was awarded to  Ørsted, he visited Berlin and Weber in Leipzig.  There was an exchange of literature between Copenhagen and Göttingen, which obviously was still continued after the death of Ørsted.


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