Videnskabshistorisk Selskab

Otto SibumH. Otto Sibum,
Hans Rausing Professor of History of Science, Uppsala University:

Knowledge in Action:

Historical Studies on the Material Culture of Scientific Rationality


Joule’s experimentHistorians acknowledge that past scientific knowledge is embodied in the material objects and the related performance of past actors’ work. Hence experiment is not any longer to be understood as a set of practices but is better described as human performance of specialised work involved in generating knowledge; through this approach, called Experimental History of Science, and the conceptualisation of practices as “knowledge in action”, non-literary knowledge traditions and their role in the local production and global distribution of scientific knowledge can be retrieved. In this talk I will show that and how we have to rethink central historical moments in the development of the formative period of science in late 18th and 19th centuries.

tirsdag den 9. december, kl. 17

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