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Friedrich Herrmann

Professor Friedrich Herrmann,

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology:

On the verdict of the German Physical Society against the Karlsruhe Physics Course – a chronicle of events


LogoThe Karlsruhe Physics Course (KPC) is a novel approach to the teaching of physics developed more than 30 years ago. The KPC textbooks have since been used in a certain, slightly increasing number of German schools. Simultaneously, ideas of the KPC have found their way into the mainstream textbooks. Only recently, the German Physical Society (DPG) got aware of the course. In their opinion the KPC Energierepresents a danger to the teaching of physics. Therefore, the DPG nominated an expert panel with the assignment of finding scientific errors in the KPC. The panel believed to have found such errors. Thereupon the DPG has initiated a campaign with the objective of eliminating not only the KPC textbooks from the market but to eradicate any other manifestation of ideas that might have originated in the KPC work. As a result of these measures, a discussion of unusual fierceness arose, first in Germany, but then spreading to other countries. A chronicle of an eventful year and a brief evaluation will be given from the perspective of the author of the course.

torsdag, den 15. oktober 2015, kl. 17.00

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